Sensei Hiro Maeda

Chief Instructor

The Chief Instructor of JKA Hawaii is Sensei Hiroshi Maeda. Maeda-Sensei is one of only a handful of 6th Dan black belts in the country. He has been practicing karate since he was a young boy and been teaching karate since the 1980’s. He started karate in Japan and eventually joined JKA Brooklyn under Shu Takahashi Sensei and studied Fine Arts in New York City.

Maeda-Sensei excelled in many competitions and represented his dojo winning in local, regional and international tournaments. Among his achievements are:

  • 1984 NAKA Boston Regional Tournament — 1st Place Kata (Form)
  • 1988 NAKA Connecticut — 1st Place Kumite
  • 1989 NAKA Regional Tournament Boston — 2nd Place Kumite
  • 1989 AAKF National Tournament Minnesota — 2nd Place Kumite
  • 1990 JKA Regional Tournament Montreal — 1st Place Team Kumite, — 2nd Place Individual Kumite
  • 1991 NAKA Regional Tournament in Connecticut — 2nd Place Kumite
  • 1985 Boston, 1987 New York and 1993 Montreal — 3rd Place in NAKA Regional Tournaments 

In 1989, Maeda-Sensei completed the prestigious certification as an SKDI (Shotokan Karate-Do International) Instructor, Examiner and Judge. With a mission to form a strong JKA team and pass on his knowledge, Maeda-Sensei moved to Hawaii in 2000 and currently resides in Honolulu, Hawaii. However, each year he returns to the USA JKA Headquarters in New York to continue his training and ensure he conforms with the strictest standards set forth by the JKA.

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Hawaii Honbu Instructors

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